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Dino Fino

​is a super-funny children's book series with cult potential. Our books are about two dino boys who experience the craziest adventures together.


And here they are!

Long story short!


They are two completely opposite characters. Fate brings them together on their first day at Dinovilles middle school. Two dino kids couldn't be more different. Dino is a Bronto, a herbivore, while Ricky is a greedy little T-Rex with a taste for deep-fried rats and grease-dripping pig noses. At the beginning, they don't like each other at all. But then, when a silly coincidence and Ricky's dorkiness lead them side by side straight into their first big adventure, they get together out of necessity.

Dino is a nice guy, polite and well-mannered. The children really want to have him as a friend. He reads a lot of books, so he knows a lot. He is especially interested in mankind and their history (where they have gone and why is one of the big questions in our storyline). Dino always tries to do everything right. All this wouldn't be easier without Ricky.


Rickbert Rexkowski, called Ricky, likes to call himself the "King of the Dinosaurs"; after all, he is a T-Rex. Ricky is the cheeky jerk who brags for all he's worth. He exaggerates wildly and regularly embarrasses himself with his big mouth and his ignorance. Ricky provokes. And Ricky suffers from very bad indigestion - especially when he is nervous. And when he gets upset (which happens very often), he also lisps and drools, because he has very few little teeth. But Ricky also delivers the gags.


As our book series progresses, their friendship will continue to develop, and as a result, both characters will gradually change. Dino already goes along with Ricky's shenanigans a time or two. And Ricky is always pushing his limits with his cheekiness and rude behavior. This already makes him thoughtful in volume 2. And in the further course of our story he will try again and again to improve himself. Of course, it is clear that he will only succeed within relatively narrow limits. Because, as mantioned, he is the gag machine here!


But Ricky also has a very special talent. He often does stupid things - either because he is clumsy or because he overestimates himself once again. But the joke is that he always manages to do everything right by mistake. Dino understands this, of course, and so he has learned to take the little slob as he is. Even if he regularly makes things very, very difficult for him.

The making-off

How it all began...


A chain of fortunate circumstances led to Peter and Aaron, our two authors, searching for each other and finding each other. Together they have come up with exciting and super funny adventure stories for you.

At the age of seven, Aaron wanted a book about two dinosaur boys who always fight an compete.


No sooner said than done!


Over time, this led to the idea of a whole series of children's books. And the two of them are not running out of stories, that we can absolutely sur of.

Peter und Aaron

The target group


Our target group is children of primary school age, even though our youngest fans are only four years old. We have tried to use a relatively simple language, but one that may be a little more sophisticated than other children's books. We are convinced that it does no harm if the children learn some new words while reading and are also linguistically challenged.

And that's clear: you don't have to be a dinosaur fan, and you don't have to know anything about dinosaurs. You may, of course. But you don't have to.

But in fact, many adults also like our books. Many parents and even grandparents are already openly anticipating the continuation of the stories themselves.

Language and humor


Of course, we not only put a lot of thought into this important topic, but also talked to numerous members of the potential target group. And of course, we could have called the results of Ricky's nervous digestive problems, for example, poops. But since we felt that word was inappropriate for our stories, after a moment's consideration we decided on farts. Of course, it's possible that concerned parents might not approve. And, of course, we have received this feedback from time to time. But ... well, thats life, you just can't please everyone.





You can only buy our books in our own webshop and on selected trading platforms.
The reason: As a born rebel and freedom fighter, it is a matter close to my heart to keep the reins in my own hands as much as possible. When it comes to realizing my ideas, wishes and dreams, I am reluctant to rely on strangers whose goals may not necessarily coincide with mine.

Are we going to be on TV?!


Sometimes even the wildest dreams come true. And that in the literal sense.

Already a year ago, a respected German TV production company took notice of our friends. And together we are now developing a ten-part TV series.

A lot has happened since then. Among other things, the Filmstiftung NRW has decided to fund our TV project with 70,000 euros. The big breakthrough is imminent: In September, the Cartoon Forum, the world's largest trade show for animated formats, will take place in Toulouse. After winning the national preliminary round in Stuttgart in the spring against almost forty competitors, we will be able to present our project at an international level in France in the fall.

This means that we expect our dinos to be on TV in the foreseeable future - probably even on an international level.

Sorry for the bragging, but I just wanted to get that out in the end ... 


Our cast